Naruto: Rebirth Rise of the Akatsuki

This is for advanced role players. Here you pick your path Either you are a ninja serving your village or your a rouge ninja or a ninja orginzation out to kill anything that gets in your way
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 Reiken Clan

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PostSubject: Reiken Clan   Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:00 pm

Name: Byaringan/card bloodline

Element: Plasma/Light

Appearance: Byakugan with sharingan tomoe
Tarushi- Byaringan goes blank and then a spiral pupil appears in the eye

Power Description: Byaringan- Gains the abilties of the uchiha and hyuga bloodlines (byakugan with sharingan tomoe) Abilities of both clans are weakened by half as to not completely kill the user with power The power increases as similar as it does with sharingan andthe mangekyo form contains tsukiyomi and amateratsu but not the other.

Byaringan Tarushi- Byaringan goes blank and then a spiral pupil appears in the eye. The byaringan user's primary element will envelop and infuse with their bodies, increasing their physical attributes and the power of their jutsu exponentially. The cards inside the byaringan user can summoned at will during this form, mangekyo abilities are also able to be used. This form however consumes more chakra than the normal or mangekyo byaringan combined and places an enormous strain on the body's bones and muscles. therefore thisform should only be used sparringly and as a last resort.

Byaringan Susastu- After killing and taking something from the body of the most hated person in their life (not a possession like a piece of clothes or an accessory) the byaringan can get the next level that is an even better version of the tarushi it allows the users chakra to be amplified and be twice as good but the strain of the body is sometimes draining (literal sense this eats away the users chakra so its a last resort)

Card bloodline- Seals blood of demons and other living creatures into card and card releases or traps a copy of them, with all abilities. User can use their abilities if user eats the card . The cards are labeled by colors, black is weapons and last all battle, red is animals/demons, they last for ten posts and gold is humans and the like, they last for five turns.

Drawbacks: The eye absorbs so much chakra while it’s being used, it also places slight strain on the user’s muscles and chakra but it increases more as the eye is active.

History: the only two remaining members of the byaringan are brothers of different villages. senko and nasuke. both born into the lives of makuto and irasu they were rasied to fight. thought nasuke is betting in fighting and lightning jutsu senko is devestating with his taijutsu/swords and fire abilities.

Clan Members:
Senko Reiken- Susastu
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PostSubject: Re: Reiken Clan   Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:33 am

progress approval one time godmodding and its gone
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Reiken Clan
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