Naruto: Rebirth Rise of the Akatsuki

This is for advanced role players. Here you pick your path Either you are a ninja serving your village or your a rouge ninja or a ninja orginzation out to kill anything that gets in your way
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PostSubject: RULES OF THE SITE ABIDE THEM!   Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:01 am

1. Follow the templates do not change them up.
2. You have to or try to get in the habit of posting litterate for example, Light looks at his opponent with a lust of brutal hatred. He then summons up chakra through his hands the color of the black abis cloak he wore over his body. His ring glows from the radiant sun causing the symbol of the Zero ring which was placed on his right thumb. He claps his hand together, slowly spreading them apart and as this happens a giant ball of black electricity is shot from his palms into his opponent. "Simple human there is no surviving the Akatsuki."
3.All posting lines have to be about 3-8 lines 3 being the least.
4.You can only have the basic nine Bijuu
5. No curse marks they are strictly illegal here as soon as orochimaru died
6. Forbidden jutsu are allowed but they will either one kill you, or drain you of almost all your chakra.
7. Killing is allowed, but how ever it has to be very descriptive
8. Swearing is allowed but in the chat box it can not be directed each other
9. Keep it pg-13 kissing is the limit take the rest to pms
10. There will be no exams to rank up but your sensei will test you on the following things you learn if you pass your senseis test you have approval of going up one level.
11. Weapons are basic when you start off NO EXCEPTIONS! you get more on your way through your journy by killing people or coming across shops.
12. Wills of the dead. If you are writing a will and your character dies but you forgot to put something in the will that you wanted someone to have it is now eligible for others to take said item.
13. Scrolls will only be given out by a sage of an animal of a sort or via shop
14. money system is that the gennin start off with 200 ryo, chuunin 500 ryo, jounin 1,000 ryo, kage/ S-rank 30,000 ryo
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